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Hidden secrets of Newcastle,
but still worth a look.

The Norman Keep of Newcastle

The Newcastle Keep

Amost important part of Newcastle this Norman keep, it stands on the site of the original castle. A must to see, some brill views from the roof top. Just behind stands the Black Gate. Just in front of the Keep are some stairs down to the Quayside this takes you to Bessie Sertees House. In this old Quayside house you will find some magnificent pannelled walls. The window pane thet is darkend is where Bessie is soposed to climb out of when eloping with Robert Shaftoe

Jesmond Dean
This is a special place to most Geordies built by Lord Armstrong for the people of Newcastle a country walk in the city.  The river Ouse runs through the Dean, as it is affectionately known to many. It has many hidden beauties to it the twists and turns that take you to its hidden depths, not forgetting Pets Corner, a must for kids of all ages and best of all its FREE

The HOPPINGS arrives in Newcastle in mid June on what is called 'The Town Moor'. It is one of the great family days out in the North East, but beware, save up for a year first, you'll need to. This fair is the culmination of many smaller traveling fairs meeting together from all over Europe, and is here for 7 fun filled days and nights, weather permitting. The name Hoppings is supposed to come from the time when the dancing girls used to perform in the early days

from the big wheel
Europe's biggest traviling fair

Still in progress