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The Coast

The Coast line around Newcastle is amongst the most beautiful in the world.  Starting from Tynemouth we will try to give you a feel of the marvelous scenery.

looking from Tynemouth to South Shields
A link to more pics of King Edwards Bay

Looking toward the Tyne And Shouth Shields, to the right you can see a statue of Lord Collingwood.  Born in Newcastle 1748 Cuthbert Colling wood rose from humble origins to become one of the most decorated men in England
Collingwood died in1810 onboard the Ville-de-Paris. The statue was erected by public subscription 

Whitly Bay and Cullercoats
These two seaside resorts still hold a place of fondness for many people in the North East, even Dire Straits sung about them in the song Tunnel of love. I am sad to say that the Spanih City is now closed down, many of us have special memories of this fair ground and the fun it brought us from being babes in arms to taking our own children and watching their smiling faces. Walking along the links will bring you to St Marys Lighthouse. To get to this monument you will have to cross a cause way, so take note of the tides as it can become covered very quick.

Blyth dates back to the 12th centuary the harbour and docks were formed about 1854. This town has seen many changes over the past number of years but it has still held on to it's outside market on Tuesdays and Satardays.  Blyth beach is still a good place to go to stretch your legs or let the  kids go wild. 

Lord Collingwood

North Shields
This river side town is situated on the banks of the Tyne near Tynemouth.This once small fishing town has changed so much that even the locals dont reconize it. It was home to the Window on the World music festival now sadly ended allegedly because the council got into debt with it (politics) spoils every thing it touches. The fish quay is well worrth a visit why not buy some fish and chips and have a nice stroll to tynemouth along the river side    

St Marys Lighthouse

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The Tyne
Made famous by many a song film and tv programe
sad to say the ship yards have all gone now and all the hevy engerneering. But lets look on the positive side the rivers cleaner the banks of the tyne are cleaner salmon are back in the river and it looking nicer with all the redeveloment
A river dated in history from roman times founding segadunum the start of the mighty wall down to  the coal  that was shiped from wallsend, famous for coal and shipbuilding
Jarrowe the start of the infamous crusade is situated on the tyne coming into Newcastle a vast change has been made the banks on both sides are now noted the world over We now say Newcastle Gateshead not Newcastle and Gateshead